• Meeting Hearsay Objections to Oral Testimony - Part 2

Just Three Responses Meet Many Hearsay Objections: Part 2 -- Opposing Party Statement and Spontaneous Statement

This video covers the second and third of the three most useful and generally available responses to a hearsay objection to oral testimony. The remaining details of the hearsay exemptions and exceptions apply to relatively rare situations, and you are likely to have time in your deposition preparation to consider if any of these are likely to come up.

Time: 9:39

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Meeting Hearsay Objections to Oral Testimony - Part 2

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Ed Stein

Ed Stein

Ed Stein practices in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He has regularly taught trial and deposition skills for the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, Michigan... -complete bio

Frank Rothschild

Frank Rothschild

Frank Rothschild is a judge on the District Court in Kauai, Hawaii and serves as an appellate mediator for the Hawaii Judiciary's Center for Alternati... -complete bio


Deanne Siemer

Deanne Siemer

Deanne Siemer is a trial lawyer from Washington, D.C. who has tried technology-driven commercial cases before juries in state and federal courts aroun... -complete bio

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