• Questioning the "Brain-Dead" Witness

How to Question a Witness Who Frequently Says "Can't Remember" or "Would Have to Guess"

Witness coaching by opposing counsel before the deposition may result in useless initial answers from the witness about important topics. How to get around this problem with question sets to draw out circumstances and details, or to cast doubt on the truthfulness of assertions of no knowledge.

Time: 5:40

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Questioning the "Brain-Dead" Witness

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Silvia Serpe

Silvia Serpe

Silvia Serpe is a partner in her firm who does trial work in both civil and criminal cases. She has handled all aspects of over 100 commercial disput... - complete bio

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Ed Scarvalone

Ed Scarvalone is a partner in his firm where he litigates cost-recovery and contribution claims under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compen... - complete bio

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