• Preparing to Take an Expert's Deposition

Something Must Be Wrong With the Opposing Expert's Opinion

If your expert is right in interpreting the issues in the case, then it follows that there must be something wrong with the opposing expert's opinion. How to think creatively about the approach to the problem and materials generated by the opposing expert. A practical way to organize your questioning to get the material you will need to support your pretrial motions or for cross-examination at trial. The angles of attack with respect to "Who is this person?" "What was done here?" and "How was it done?" Techniques to find promising areas for attacking the opposing expert's credentials, methods, and results so these areas can be tested thoroughly at deposition.

Time: 9:20

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Preparing to Take an Expert's Deposition

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Frank Rothschild

Frank Rothschild

Frank Rothschild is a judge on the District Court in Kauai, Hawaii and serves as an appellate mediator for the Hawaii Judiciary's Center for Alternati... -complete bio

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