• Helping a Witness Correct Mistakes

Questioning a Witness, Helping a Witness Correct Mistakes

Techniques and options for putting on the record corrections to testimony the witness has already given under oath: Deposition Skills, Defending

Putting a comment on the record at the time when the misstatement is made; using a break to talk with the witness about the mistake and making a record after the break; questioning at the end of the after the lawyer taking the deposition has finished his or her questions, including using external material with the witness to refresh recollection; and correcting the transcript after the deposition. Limitations under Rule 30(c)(1) F. R. Civ. P.

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Frank Rothschild

Frank Rothschild

Frank Rothschild is a judge on the District Court in Kauai, Hawaii and serves as an appellate mediator for the Hawaii Judiciary's Center for Alternati... - complete bio

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Helping a Witness Correct Mistakes

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