• Preparing a Lay Witness - Part 3

Help the witness understand the usual preliminary questions asked at the outset of a deposition when the deposing lawyer tries to get the witness committed to give full and complete answers to the questions about to be asked. Explain the limits of the preliminary questions asked by the deposing lawyer to ensure that the witness has no disability that would affect answers to questions. Work with the witness on the responses to any "hard" background questions about personal affairs such as criminal convictions or divorce.

Time: 12:09

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Preparing a Lay Witness - Part 3

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Jonathan Willens

Jonathan Willens

Jonathan Willens is in solo law practice specializing in whistleblower cases under the False Claims Act and intellectual property disputes in the secu... - complete bio


Deanne Siemer

Deanne Siemer

Deanne Siemer is a trial lawyer from Washington, D.C. who has tried technology-driven commercial cases before juries in state and federal courts aroun... -complete bio

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