• Preparing a Lay Witness - Part 2

Points to Cover About Deposition "Mechanics"

Explain protections for the witness that are built into the deposition rules. Describe the role of the defending lawyer, particularly with respect to objections and instructions not to answer. Set out the rules on when a witness may confer with his or her lawyer during a deposition. Explain how cross-examination by the witness's own lawyer at the end of the deposition may be used to clarify or explain. Provide guidance about the opposing lawyer's likely tactics. Give basic orientation about travel to the deposition site and conduct while at the site.

Time: 9:56

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Preparing a Lay Witness - Part 2

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Deanne Siemer

Deanne Siemer

Deanne Siemer is a trial lawyer from Washington, D.C. who has tried technology-driven commercial cases before juries in state and federal courts aroun... -complete bio

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