CLE Credit Form


    Step 1: Check your state requirements. All but six states (CT, DC, MD, MA, MI, and SD) require CLE or MCLE and credit requirements are defined by individual state CLE departments and agencies. States require different numbers of hours annually and have different separate requirement for hours of ethics credit. SRS Online is an approved provider in some states and approval is pending in the remaining states

    Step 2: SRS Online is a CLE provider through streaming video. Check whether your state accepts watching streaming video for CLE or MCLE credit. Some 30 states currently accept online courses (sometimes called on-demand, distance learning, webinar, pre-recorded, audio, or self-study). Useful state-by-state lists can be found on these websites: and

    Step 3: SRS Online provides standard on-demand video courses. Some distance-learning formats are “live” video or interactive video. Video is an accepted CLE format in almost all states. However, a few states accept only “live” video via webinars.

    Step 4: SRS Online videos are tightly focused on a particular topic and average about 15 minutes per video, but some are a little longer and others are a few minutes shorter. You will generally be applying for an hour’s or several hours’ CLE credit. And you will use your viewing of a number of SRS short videos to accumulate the required number of minutes (usually 50 or 60). Check whether your state has a limit on the number of the total required hours that can be earned through online courses.

    Step 5: Get your state form to submit in order to claim CLE credit. SRS Online’s materials are self-reported by attendees, the procedure used by nearly all states.

    Step 6: Fill in the form and send it to your state agency by the deadline. For information that may be required on the form, see our FAQs on CLE credit forms.

FAQs About State CLE Forms

State forms for claiming CLE credit differ in many aspects. Here are the most common information elements requested:

    SRS Online is a non-profit provider

    The “sponsoring organization information” is SRS Online LLC, with principal business offices at 3986 Michael Rd. N., Ann Arbor, MI 48103, phone: 301-787-7000; e-mail:

    The “title of the educational activity” is the title of the video and its time

    The “method of presentation” is on-demand video, not interactive

    The “content code” is the category (trial, deposition, et al) and the name of the video. SRS videos do not have content code numbers

    The answer to an “advertised to” question is: Lawyers. SRS does not advertise in any other market

    The answer to an “admission restrictions” question is: None

    The answer to a “method of evaluation” question is: Participant critique

    The answer to a “materials description” question is: “at program” as the supporting materials are on the SRS website under the Case Materials button

    The answer to a question about accreditation by other states is SRS is an accredited provider in New York and California for its free ethics videos and has accreditation pending in those and other states for its other videos

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