SRS CLE Credits

State-by-State CLE


To use SRS videos for CLE credit, do this:

1.       Check to see if your state accepts online, on-demand video.  Click here

2.       Check to see which SRS CLE programs are available. 

3.       Choose a program and watch all the videos included in the program.  Written materials for the lectures are available

4.       Fill out the attendance certificate form and keep it in your CLE records or submit it to your state CLE authority, depending on individual state requirements. 

No CLE fee:  SRS has no separate charge for CLE credits for using its videos. 

Qualifications:  SRS CLE programs are on-demand (internet streaming) video without interactivity with the viewer.  Each state has its own rules with respect to this delivery method for CLE training.

ü  Some states do not accept on-demand video for any CLE credit. 

ü  Some states do not accept on-demand video unless it has an “interactivity” component, meaning that the viewer of the video can participate in a discussion about the video.  SRS does not sponsor an interactivity component.  Its videos are designed to be self-contained, so SRS programs do not qualify for CLE credits in these states.

ü  Some states allow on-demand video to qualify as self-study and, where that is an option, SRS usually qualifies under that category.  But note that the number of hours allowed for self-study may be limited.

Click here for a table that summarizes state requirements and shows which states accept the kind of on-demand videos that SRS provides.

CLE Programs::  The state CLE accrediting agencies generally define CLE “programs” in standard units of 50, 55, or 60 minutes. SRS videos are designed for efficient advocacy training and are tightly focused on the subject matter they explain.  The design objective is approximately 15 minutes per video so that busy professionals can access needed advocacy training readily without having to sit through a long program to get to the specific information needed.   For that reason, these videos are not of a standard length. SRS CLE credit “programs” combine certain of its videos that cover related subjects.  The SRS CLE programs are assembled to be at least 55 minutes in length.  Some are slightly more than 60 minutes in length.  Not all SRS videos are included in its CLE “programs” because of the time requirements set by most states.

Click here for a list of SRS CLE programs, the individual videos included in each program, and their length.

Ethics/Professional Responsibility:  The SRS website category and video titles use the term “Ethics.”  This is the same as “Professional Responsibility” for states that use that term.

Certificate of attendance:  Some states require a certificate of attendance to be kept in the bar member’s CLE file or supplied with the bar member’s submission for CLE credits.  SRS provides an online certificate that can be filled out by the viewer. 

Click here for the certificate form.

Written materials:  The written support materials for the SRS CLE programs are found under the Case Materials tab on the website home page.  Click on the Lecture Materials option.

Verification codes:  Some states require online CLE providers to embed a verification code in every program. This ensures that you have watched or listened to the program for which you are claiming CLE credit.  The verification code(s) will appear within the media player window. Write down this code, and at the conclusion of the program you will be required to enter the code in order to receive your CLE certificate. This code is case sensitive; therefore, if the code appears in capital or lower case, make sure it is entered in capital or lower case.


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