Claim CLE Credit


Step 1: Fill out the SRS Credit Form. List each video you watched and the run-time in minutes.

Step 2: Use the credit form to meet your state’s requirements. Fill in the information about the videos you have watched and your identification information. Each state’s requirements are summarized in the NOTES ON INDIVIDUAL STATE REQUIREMENTS AND POLICIES. The options are:

  • Just keep a record. Some states require only that a lawyer keep for a specified period of time the record of CLE attendance. If this is what your state mandates, then just print out or save the Credit Form and keep it in your files for the required number of years.
  • Send or e-mail the printed record to your state’s certification authorities. The current address will be on their website.
  • Use the state’s portal or website to report and affirm your attendance. If this is the case, you will need to open an account on the website and transmit the information on the Credit Form in the format the state requires.
  • SRS is required to provide the state authorities with your record. If this is what your state mandates, then click on the option to e-mail your form to SRS and we will take care of the submission.

In a few states, you will need to fill out a form describing the course. State forms for claiming CLE credit differ in many aspects. Here are the most common information elements requested:

  • The "sponsoring organization" is SRS Online LLC, with principal business offices at 3986 Michael Rd. N., Ann Arbor, Ml 48103, phone: 1(670)287-5515/1906; e-mail:
  • The "title of the educational activity” is the title of the video and its time
  • The "method of presentation" is on-demand video, interactive (because SRS has a Resource Lawyer to answer viewers’ questions).
  • The "content code" is the category (trial, deposition, et al) and the name of the video. SRS videos do not have content code numbers
  • The answer to an "advertised to" question is: Lawyers. SRS does not advertise in any other market
  • The answer to an "admission restrictions" question is: None
  • The answer to a "method of evaluation" question is: Participant critique. SRS has an Evaluation Form for anyone who wishes to fill one out.
  • The answer to a "materials description" question is: "at program" as the supporting written materials are on the SRS website under the CLE tab, SRS CLE written materials option. These materials are free.

The answer to a "materials description" question is: "at program” as the supporting materials are on the SRS website under the Case Materials button The answer to a question about accreditation by other states is SRS is an accredited provider in New York and California for its free ethics videos and has accreditation pending in those and other states for its other videos

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