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Series Subject Title Time  
Trial Skills Opening Planning 12:00 Listen/Download
Ethics Ethics Ethics Issues That Arise in Defending Depositions 17:52 Listen/Download
Ethics Ethics Raising objections, going too far 18:01 Listen/Download
Ethics Ethics Using social media research on jurors 21:41 Listen/Download
Deposition Skills Defending Preparing a Lay Witness 9:56 Listen/Download
Deposition Skills Taking Ethics Issues That Arise in Taking Depositions 21:40 Listen/Download


SRS Advocacy Skill provides content in the following areas: 30(b)(6) depositions, Civil litigation skills, Closing argument, Courtroom technique, Cross examination of witnesses, Demonstrative evidence, Deposition Deposition skills, Deposition training, Direct examination of witnesses, Evidence Expert witness, Fact witness, Flip charts, Impeachment, Jury trial, Jury selection, Lay witness, Laying foundation, Legal ethics, Litigation Litigation skills, Litigation training, Opening statement, Oral testimony, PowerPoint in trial, Pretrial negotiations, Pretrial skills, Trial, Trial advocacy, Trial exhibits, Trial graphics, Trial practice skills, Trial practice training, Trial skills, Trial training, Voir dire, and Witness preparation